AG Garland Refuses to Say if FBI Considers Traditional Catholics to be ‘Violent Extremists’

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) delivering a stunning rebuke of Attorney General Merrick Garland today — blasting the Justice Department’s targeting of parents, pro-lifers and Catholics.

“I hold you accountable for the labeling of parents as domestic terrorists standing up for the proper education of their own children,” Van Drew said. “I hold you accountable for the anti-Catholic memo. Imagine sending agents undercover into Roman Catholic churches because they were supposedly domestic terrorists.”

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The FBI had reportedly been conspiring to infiltrate Catholic churches across the nation to root out what they considered to be “extremist” Catholics who ascribed to traditional church teachings.

“I hold you accountable for unleashing a special counsel with a history of botched investigations on our current President’s political rival. The Department under your leadership I am sorry to say has become an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party,” the congressman concluded.

Garland fired back.

“The idea that someone with my family background would discriminate against any religion is so outrageous, so absurd,” Garland told Van Drew during the hearing.

Garland’s family fled antisemitism and religious persecution in Europe — which is why so many Christians are wondering why he’s turned the FBI’s wrath on them.

“My family fled religious persecution in Eastern Europe at the start of the 20th century. My grandmother, who was one of five children, born in what is now Belarus, made it to the United States, as did two of her siblings. The other two did not. Those two were killed in the Holocaust. And there is little doubt that, but for America, the same thing would have happened to my grandmother,” he said, appearing to fight back tears. “But this country took her in. And under the protection of our laws, she was able to live without fear of persecution.”

And yet when given the opportunity to shut down the notion that traditional Catholics were extremists — the attorney general declined to do so.

“I have no idea what traditional means here,” he said.

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