Andy Stanley: I was Embarrassed by Churches that Defied China Virus Lockdowns

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Atlanta pastor Andy Stanley said he was “embarrassed” by churches that defied coronavirus orders during an online summit discussing the future of church.

The North Point Community Church leader told attendees that many American churches had the “exact wrong” approach to the coronavirus pandemic, the Christian Post reported.


“I feel like we, in some cases, missed an extraordinary opportunity, especially the churches that got in a spitting match … with local and state governments,” Stanley said. “That was just embarrassing to me as a Christian.”

Instead, the megachurch pastor said Christian leaders had a chance to try something new and experiment with new things by focusing on external ministries and online programs.

However, many smaller congregations across the nation didn’t have the resources to go online and in many cases members of churches didn’t have access to internet.

California pastor John MacArthur was one leader who defied the lockdowns.

“We’re commanded in Hebrews 10 to assemble together and not forsake the assembling of ourselves together,” MacArthur, responding to Stanley, told nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes.

“Paul said in First Corinthians 11 — over and over and over he said, ‘When you come together, when you come together, when you come together, when you come together.’ And of course, in the Book of Acts, as soon as the Church was formed, they met together every single day in the temple,” he told the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

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