Bart Millard Shares Powerful Backstory of MercyMe’s New Song, “Say I Won’t”

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Bart Millard, the lead singer of “MercyMe,” shared the inspiring story behind their new song, “Say I Won’t” Friday on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

Millard told host Todd Starnes the popular Christian band’s new album, “inhale(exhale),” which released Friday, was written during the pandemic.

“It originally started…realizing the same power that raised Christ from the dead dwells inside of us. When that lightbulb switches on, you realize that Scriptures like ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’ actually comes to life,” he said.

The song was inspired by Gary Miracle, MercyMe’s first merch guy who traveled with the band more than 20 years ago, after he lost both arms and legs in Jan. 2020 after falling into septic shock over Christmas.

“We were just engulfed looking at his attitude before and after. He’s just an unbelievable guy. It showed up in the song, kind of like the back half, like an overcomer, Rocky moment,” Millard explained. “You say I can’t do it and I’ll prove you wrong, and it was all inspired by Gary.”

The band decided to release a powerful music video for their fans, especially given the lockdowns, and when they asked Gary to be in it, he told them it was an answer to prayer.

“It’s been a super proud moment to be on this journey with Gary and be able to say this isn’t just a story we found. This is part of our family from 25 years ago. God’s hands have been on it long before this took place. It’s been such an honor,” Millard said.

Starnes called the it a “for such a times as this moment” for the world.

“This song is all about living and taking advantage of every second that you’re given, and I think it’s especially fitting given what we’ve just all gone through,” Millard said.

“I think we’re all at a place where we can’t wait to live and be back to some form of normal,” he added. “This whole album, the theme is ‘we can’t be overcome with fear.’ We should be worshipping the one who fear has to answer to.”

MercyMe also announced a fall tour. You can get tickets to a special session April 30 beginning at 8 p.m. EDT here.

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