Anti-Trump Beth Moore Leaves Southern Baptists, Goes Full-Blown Woke

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Bible teacher and speaker Beth Moore, who was a vocal critic of former President Trump, announced that she is no longer a Southern Baptist.

Moore also announced that she has ended her longtime partnership with the denomination’s publishing house, Lifeway Christian Resources.  

“I am still a Baptist, but I can no longer identify with Southern Baptists,” Moore said in the phone interview. “I love so many Southern Baptist people, so many Southern Baptist churches, but I don’t identify with some of the things in our heritage that haven’t remained in the past,” Moore told Religion News Service.

RNS also reported that Moore ended her longtime publishing partnership with Nashville-based LifeWay Christian.

“While Lifeway will still distribute her books, it will no longer publish them or administer her live events,” the news service said.

Moore suffered significant backlash after she became one of the most outspoken critics of President Trump. Some said the ferocity of her opposition was a form of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

She told RNS that the 2016 release of the “Access Hollywood” tapes was what set things in motion.

“This wasn’t just immorality,” she said. “This smacked of sexual assault.”

RNS reports that her opposition to Trump came at a literal price.

“Book sales plummeted as did ticket sales to her events. Her criticism of Trump was seen as an act of betrayal. From fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2019, Living Proof lost more than $1.8 million,” the news service reported.

“He (Trump) became the banner, the poster child for the great white hope of evangelicalism, the salvation of the church in America,” she said. “Nothing could have prepared me for that.”

Based on Ms. Moore’s “religious and political” evolution, I’d say she hasn’t been a Southern Baptist for quite some time.

Southern Baptists have not changed their doctrinal beliefs; Ms. Moore changed hers.

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