Catholic Journalist Faces Criminal Probe for Using Wrong Pronoun

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A Catholic journalist in Great Britain is facing a police investigation after she used the wrong pronouns to identify a transgender person on Twitter.

Caroline Farrow said police want to “conduct a taped interview under caution” because of tweets posted after she appeared on the television program Good Morning Britain.

During that appearance, she had a debate with Susie Green, the mother of a man who identifies as a woman.

“According to the police I ‘misgendered’ which implies that I used the wrong pronouns/nouns and this potentially constitutes a criminal offence. Let that sink in.”

Green told BBC the Twitter posts were malicious and it was “not just the misgendering” issue.

Farrow said the investigation was an outrage.

“I don’t even remember said tweets. I probably said ‘he’ or ‘son’ or something,” she told BBC. “All I have been told is that following an appearance on Good Morning Britain I made some tweets misgendering Susie Green’s child and that I need to attend a taped interview.”

Farrow told the television network that she stands by her religious belief “that a person cannot change sex” and she would “happily do jail time” for her right to express that view.

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