Chick-fil-A Sends Special Care Package to Soldiers

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

Let’s just say the chicken tenders served at a military base in the Middle East are not exactly on par with the plump, juicy chicken they serve at Chick-fil-A.

That was the culinary dilemma facing a group of Texas Army National Guard soldiers deployed to Iraq for the next seven months.

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“I find myself day dreaming of the luxuries afforded to me stateside and how I take many simple things for granted,” wrote, Jessie, a First Lieutenant.

Now, soldiers in the Texas Army National Guard are a pretty resourceful bunch – so they decided to troubleshoot the problem.

They quickly realized their best and only solution was not in the Middle East – but in North Texas – at the local Chick-fil-A.

Jessie told The Todd Starnes Show that he posted a message on the Facebook page of the Founders Square location – asking for some much-needed help.

“Every Sunday is chicken tender night – which is one of the highlights of every week,” said Jessie, a first lieutenant in the Guard. “With this being said, the chicken is okay at best,” he wrote. “My buddies and I were sitting here trying to think up ideas on how to make the chicken more edible, and the easy solution would be to get barbecue sauce.”

Since refrigeration was an issue, Jessie said they would need individual servings of barbecue sauce – and the “best place for that is obviously Chick-fil-A.”

Jessie told The Todd Starnes Show about three weeks after he sent his message – he received quite a surprise – on of all days – Chicken Tender Day.

“They sent us two entire cases of sauce,” he said. “Everyone was ecstatic to see the appetizing sauces.”

Photo/With Special Permission Photo/With Special Permission

The Founders Square Chick-fil-A sent our brave fighting soldiers 250 packets of barbecue sauce and 250 packets of their delicious Chick-fil-A sauce.

“I want to first and most importantly thank you for your service and that of your fellow soldiers,” Chick-fil-A’s Jason Driscoll wrote in a message to Jessie. “It was our pleasure and honor to send you the BBQ and CFA sauces, and what a miracle they actually arrived on Chicken Tender night.”

“Who would have ever thought you would see Chick-fil-A sauces in Iraq,” Mr. Driscoll added.

It’s a miracle, indeed.

Jessie said the soldiers have also discovered the sauces work with all sorts of foods – not just poultry.

“But the sauces definitely make the chicken much better,” he acknowledged.

May God bless the Texas Army National Guard and may God bless Chick-fil-A — patriots all!

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