Christian Singer Exposes Woke Wimps Waging Anti-American Agenda

Christian vocalist John Cooper goes head-to-head with far-left ideology in his latest book “Wimpy, Weak, and Woke: How truth can save America from utopian destruction.”

Cooper, lead vocalist for the faith-based rock band Skillet, recently told The Todd Starnes Show on NEWSMAX that “every single thing that happens in America is really within this rubric of seeing the world through a lens of … neo marxism” and explained why his new book focuses on bringing moral clarity back to the country.

“A lot of people’s kids are coming home from school with gender unicorns and being told there’s 32 genders,” Cooper said. “When they’re teaching all of our children that they can change their gender by the day … you’re talking about the end of all things.”

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Cooper, 48, co-founded Skillet in 1996 and has written multiple books on religion and worldview. His “Cooper Stuff” podcast covers culture with an emphasis on tradition and the Bible.

His “Wimpy, Weak, and Woke” book is “not for the purpose of yelling at people,” he told Starnes. “We are going to lose this country and things are going to get bad for everybody.”

Cooper believes far-left ideologists are creating a “coalition of the oppressed.”

“It’s this idea that there are oppressors and there are oppressed people,” he said. “That worldview, it’s not only not a Christian worldview. That is not a Western worldview.”

“All of that is to do with an anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Western civilization worldview,” he added, saying it is “going to be bad for everybody” if “utopians, and the marxists, and the socialists, if they take over … life is going to be terrible for the Christian and the non-Christian alike.”

So what guidance does the book offer, Starnes asked. “What is that salvation for America?”

“We’ve got to go back to our moral confidence in the principles of this country,” Cooper said, noting “the moral principles of the Bible … individual rights … freedom of speech, freedom of religion.”

“Those principles obviously work.”

“I especially feel frustrated with my fellow Christians … who are trying so hard to win the world that they run away from the fact that America was founded on Christianity,” he told Starnes.

The musician believes that “you don’t have to be a Christian” to read his new book.

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