Christian Singers: We Were Punished For Singing National Anthem

I just received a note from my dear friends, “The Mylon Hayes Family.” They have been longtime supporters of my radio show and they also performed at one of my fall getaways at The Billy Graham Training Center.

Wendy Hayes wrote on her personal Facebook page that they have been locked out of their official Facebook page.

“So…Facebook once again has locked us out of The Mylon Hayes Family Facebook page as soon as we posted the National anthem!!!? Makes me so mad,” she wrote. “What happened to freedom of speech? ?? So, I think I’ll just keep posting it!!”

Perhaps the family triggered someone who was not used to seeing people standing for the Star-Spangled Banner?

Let’s hope this is just an honest mistake on the part of Facebook. In the meantime, be sure to follow their page and enjoy this beautiful rendition of our national anthem.

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