Christians Gathering October 13th to Learn How to Fight Back against Democrat Lawmakers

Churches are under attack in America, that’s obvious. What’s not obvious is what we can all do to respond. 

That’s why I’m hosting an incredibly important FREE webinar for pastors and church leaders called CHURCH PREPARED on Tuesday, October 13th.

Church Prepared is a free webinar on Tuesday, October 13th at 9:00 PM Central, just for pastors and church leaders, to help provide the support and resources you need to deal with the unprecedented challenges your church has faced in 2020.

Hosted by the Peaceably Gather Coalition and me, we’ve brought together a lineup of national experts on a range of important topics for you and your church 

Would you please join me for the FREE WEBINAR on October 13th?
You can see the full lineup of speakers and register right now at

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