Duck Commander Says Trump Has His Vote in 2024

The following is a partial transcript of Todd’s interview with Duck Commander Phil Robertson. Phil discussed his new book, “Canceled.” He also offered his thoughts on Joe Rogan and former President Trump. Click here to download the full interview.

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TODD: Want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line – And it has been a while, but it is always a fun time when we have our good friend. The New York Times bestselling author has a brand new book out called On Canceled Finding, Meaning and peace in a culture of accusations, shame and condemnation. Our good friend Phil Robertson, Phil, good to have you back with us.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:21:59] Hey, good to be here.

TODD: [01:22:01] So, Phil, I you know, this is one of those for such a time as this box, especially with all the the controversy surrounding people like Joe Rogan and the cancel culture mob.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:22:13] You are correct what these people need to realize and they better realize it now. Paul wrote to the Roman Empire, the church in Rome, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God. He gave them over to a depraved mind to do what ought not to be done, and it is a scary thought. When you read the punishment, that’s comING for those who do not fear of God and who does not do what he says. God is not sleeping through all of this stuff that we’re seeing. It happened out to our people. They turn on each other and ruin others lives. You know, they won’t get very far.

TODD: [01:23:00] You know, Phil, I’ve been watching the cancel culture movement for a very long time, and one of the things that that alarmed me is when that movement hit the church and I call them woke evangelicals. These these religious leaders that were trying to silence people because they supported President Trump and not just silence, but destroy Christians who supported President Trump.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:23:26] Yeah, well, Second Thessalonians chapter one. Listen to this – God is just people, he will pay back trouble to those who trouble you, which that’s that’s that’s what it’s about is the cancel culture is trouble and he will give relief to you who are trouble under us as well. And then he fast forward, this will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven and blazing fire with his powerful angels. He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of his power. On the day he comes to be glorified in his holy people to be malleable that among all those who have believed. So I think if this alone is one you better not mess with, God is all I can tell them. But they did. They clipped us for about all but 10 million, and they thought that pretty well probably shut us up. But we’re still here and we’ve converted thousands of fan, so and a lot of them to the other. Remember, God’s going to do the judging does one lawgiver and one judge? That’d be the one who can save and destroy God almighty. So if I were, they allowed to rethink some of their stuff going around, you know, it’s basically sinners judging others bring wrath upon themselves because of their stupidity, really.


TODD: [01:25:09] I love how you talk about this idea of sin shaming, and I want you to I want you to explain what you meant by that because they have been going back and you know, they’re saying, Well, we’ve got to we’ve got to erase George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers. And then people are shocked when they’re going back here in modern day times or something you did as a third grader. I mean, they’re going back to over 200 years.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:25:32] Oh, it’s ridiculous. You therefore Romans chapter two. You therefore have no excuse you who pass judgment on someone else for at whatever point you judge the other, you’re condemning yourself because you who pass judgment do the same things. So what you have is sinful, grossly sinful men and women accused and people of faith of this. That and the other are accusing some people who don’t have faith at all. But the bottom line is we’re all sinners and the saved are saved by grace. And the only way you’re going to have your sins removed is put your faith in Jesus. The son of God who became flesh 2022 years ago, was was crucified on a cross in a brutal, most brutal thing I’ve ever read about. And three days later, he was raised from the dead. He’s the one even there. But we have to remember as Christians. Even then, his final words were Forgive them, father. They don’t know what they’re doing. So I’m more sad at what I’m watching go down in America with this, but then mad because there they will be judged harshly unless they repent. I think we all want that to kind of look, you know, yell out here running around condemning this one and that one or the other, then destroying people’s lives. I mean, you got hell to pay and he’s coming after you when this is over. So if I were them, I would be very careful on who you judge and being judgmental because most of these people don’t know God. If they did, I think they would embrace him.

TODD: [01:27:23] I think you’re right about that, Phil on the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line. Phil Robertson. Phil, what advice do you give to people like Joe Rogan and when the mob comes after you? Because Rogan’s been apologizing and removing podcast and things of that nature? What what word of advice do you give folks like Joe?

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:27:44] If I was Joe and if they come out to me, I’m going to do what I did when they did come up to me. I was one of the early ones that, you know, tried to Detroit. I remember, look, look, you say, what do you do to get people to see that? That’s madness and what they’re up to? There’s a couple of text, a couple of little sections in Galatians. The act of the sinful nature, which is what these folks are doing, are obvious sexual morality. They’re full of it. And purity, debauchery, idolatry, discord, jealousy fits of rage, selfish ambition, factions and the drunkenness. There’s this list. That’s the cancel culture crowd. The God’s people. Here’s the difference. But the fruit of the spirit that God gives us certainly accept Jesus by faith baptized. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Show him how to live, warn them about what they’re doing. But as far as look, we can’t pounce back on them because we would be the same thuggish bunch they are. You understand what we need to rise above that and just always remember God. God will repay. It’s a dreadful thing to fall in the hands of a living God. Let God do what you will with him. But what we do is we we don’t look to the left or right. You got to remember, Jesus said. If they hated me, they’re going to hate you. And everyone who lives a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. It just goes with the territory. So I don’t know whether Rogan is a Christian or not, but if he’s not, he ought to be. I am not sure point in the Jesus. I tell you that.

TODD: [01:29:42] Bring him down to Louisiana. Put him in the duck blind. And there you go.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:29:46] I told Donald Trump, the few times I met him, two or three times I never got off pointing him to Jesus. I said Trump. I said, We’re the same age, man. I said, Look, I said, we’ve all seen, you have seen. He said, Oh, yeah, a lot. I said, well, me too, I said. And and you’re going to die. They’re going to put your body in a hole one day, right? Six foot hole. He said. No doubt about it. I said, the resurrection man. I said, That’s the way you go. He said, You know, I really appreciate that Robertson than you telling me that, I don’t even know whether he had ever thought about it before, but I tried my best to get him converted. Whether he is or not, I don’t know, but God knows.

TODD: [01:30:28] It’s true. And and he’s heard the gospel from you and many others as well.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:30:34] And if he runs again, I certainly vote for it because I mean, his policies were so far ahead of what we got going on now. It’s ridiculous. I can’t even believe the people on the left can’t see the difference between the two and love him. Because boy, this thing under Joe Biden, it’s a it’s a scourge to look at.

TODD: [01:30:54] It is. It is, indeed. Phil, I’m curious. You’ve got now 18 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. You must be pretty busy with the grandkids.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:31:07] We got a lot of grandkids. We will eat a lot of ducks and deer. We’re down here in the woods where we’re living. I make it your ambition, Paul told the Thessalonians to live a quiet life, which was amazing. That’s exactly what we’re doing. Mind your own business. Work hard with your hands. Do something good so that your daily life. Or win the respect of outsiders. So that and here’s the key part you won’t have to be dependent on anybody.

TODD: [01:31:44] I love it. I love it and feel I have to tell you I was, you know, I moved back to Memphis, so I’m just up river from you guys. And I was wearing a Duck Dynasty T-shirt. Last summer was over at the Peabody Hotel. You know, they got the ducks in the lobby and they saw that T-shirt, and I could tell they got a little bit nervous.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:32:04] I thought, that’s OK. There’s most of the bit that they they’re kind of shying away from me a little. I’m not quite sure, but

TODD: [01:32:12] I don’t know why. Well, Phil, congratulations on the great new book. And if you make it up to to Memphis, the barbecue is on me.

PHIL ROBERTSON: [01:32:23] Will do all right, man.

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