FIGHTING BACK: Christian Florist Takes Her Case to Supreme Court

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There comes a time in every person’s life where he or she has to take a stand.

Barronelle Stutzman did, and for that it could cost her everything. In 2013, the Washington state florist declined to make an arrangement for the same-sex wedding of a long-time friend and customer.

“I just told him gently that I couldn’t do this wedding because my relationship with Jesus Christ,” Stutzman told The Todd Starnes Show.

Stutzman believes in traditional or one man, one woman marriage. However, she did refer the customer, Rob Ingersoll, to other nearby florists.

“He said he understood, we hugged and he left,” she continued. “Then his partner put something on social media that I hurt their feelings.”

That post went viral, and the Washington attorney general picked it up without any complaint and sued Stutzman, saying she violated state law.

The Washington State Supreme Court has twice ruled against her now, the most recent decision coming after the U.S. Supreme Court told the justices to take another look at the case.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the organization representing Stutzman, is now asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take the case – again.

“She faithfully served him (Rob Ingersoll) for more than nine years, provided floral arrangements and worked with him in all kinds of different contexts, but it was just this one time when it violated her religious faith that she couldn’t participate,” attorney John Bursch told The Todd Starnes Show. “As a country, no matter what our beliefs are, we should all be able to agree that you should be able to live out your faith without the threat of government punishment.”

If this argument sounds familiar, that’s because The Todd Starnes Show and other programs cover stories involving religious business owners coming under attack.
“I knew Rob was gay, and I’ve employed gay people,” Stutzman continued. “I didn’t turn down Rob, I just turned down the event.”

“What is it that our audience can do for you?” asked Starnes.

“Well, prayers are the most important thing,” Stutzman answered.

“So you say you have no animosity towards these two men,” Starnes inquired.

“Oh absolutely not,” she responded. “You know if he walked into my store tomorrow I would I would hug him and catch up on his life. I miss him.

“What a great lady,” said Starnes.

Click here to donate money to assist Alliance Defending Freedom as they defend Mrs. Stutzman.

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