‘A Buttermilk Biscuit For the Soul’ – Gov. Mike Huckabee Heaps Praise on New Starnes Book

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There’s been a lot of chaos and controversy across the nation — from the China Virus to the Democrat Party’s takeover of American government.

Americans have been told to hate our nation; to turn our backs on the values and teachings that have made our nation the most exceptional nation in the world.

Well, I reject that call to action. I reject the idea that the United States is a bastion of racism or white supremacy.

So my friend Michelle Cox and I decided to write a book that proves our nation is indeed made up of good-hearted and decent people. That’s the message at the heart of “Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions With a Drawl.”

You are going to be inspired, encouraged and thoroughly entertained as you read these true stories of Americans going the extra mile to help their neighbors.

Watch my interview at First Baptist Church Dallas as I discuss the book! And click here to pre-order a copy of “Our Daily Biscuit.”