Franklin Graham Blames Anti-Semitism on Open Borders, Immigrants From Muslim Countries

Franklin Graham, the renowned evangelist, was a guest on my Newsmax television show this week. We covered a wide range of topics, from the horrifying anti-semitic violence on American streets to an incredible evangelistic meeting in Rome where hundreds accepted Christ. Watch the full interview below and click here to get my daily newsletter. It’s filled with conservative news, opinion and best of all – we are not censored by Big Tech!

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TODD: [00:00:00] I want to go to our Newsmax newsmaker line. Our good friend Franklin Graham joins us. Franklin, good to have you on Newsmax today.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: [00:00:08] Well, thank you, Todd. It’s always good to be with you.

TODD: [00:00:11] Franklin I want to get to the incredible ministry and the services that you guys had in Italy in just a moment. But I do want to get your reaction to what’s been happening here in America. I personally have been just stunned by the level of anti-Semitism, the Jewish hatred that is here in America. Did that surprise you?

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: [00:00:32] No. A lot of this is because of the immigration over the last 20 years from people that are coming from Muslim countries into this country after 9-11. So, the immigration gates were wide open. And so and they they bring that anti Semitic feeling with them. They hate Israel. Hate the Jews. And so it doesn’t surprise me.

TODD: [00:01:08] You know, when you when you look at what’s being said, especially in many of our university campuses, where I think really they become incubators not just for this anti-Jewish fervor that is out there, but also the anti-Christian fervor as well. And all you have to do is look at what they’re doing and what they’re saying about Speaker Mike Johnson, whose crime apparently is having a Christian world view.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: [00:01:32] Well, again, it’s they hate God and that’s what it’s coming down to. They don’t want God. They don’t want his standards and they don’t want to hear from people that believe in God and follow him. And of course, they hate His son, Jesus Christ. So, again, I’m not surprised. It’s the world in which we live and we just have to. I’m going to keep on doing what I do, helping people and do it in the name of Jesus Christ and what a lot of people care for them. I’m not going to compromise the truth. I’m going to stand for what the scripture says. And I want everyone to know that God sent his son to this earth, Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins, and He died and shed his blood for our sins. He was buried on Thursday. God raised his son to life. And if we’re willing to repent, turn from those sins and believe on the name of Jesus Christ, we can be saved. And that’s what I want people to know, is how they can be saved.

Hundreds Accept Christ at Franklin Graham’s Rome Gathering

TODD: [00:02:33] I was watching with great interest the evangelistic outreach in Rome. What was that experience like to see so many thousands of people coming out to hear that message that you just shared with our Newsmax audience?

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: [00:02:46] Well, first of all, it’s the first time this has ever happened in Rome. The the evangelicals have never come together before. And of course, the evangelical churches are small in Italy. And and but they came from all over the country. And this is a result of after COVID 19, Samaritan’s Purse. We set up one of our field hospitals to Cremona in the north. That was the epicenter for Europe at that time for COVID 19. And we we set up our emergency field hospital and looked in the parking lot of their hospital, and it was a huge success. So we treated over 300 people and were able to save their lives. And as a result, the government of Italy and the churches have welcomed us So last year. I appreciate them a lot and I’ll this year to Rome and we’re just grateful that God opened those doors.

TODD: [00:03:43] What I find fascinating about the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Franklin, back when your father was alive and he was doing the these gatherings, the churches would be involved. So after after you guys left town, the churches would step in and and really help and disciple the new the newborn Christians. Are you guys seeing that in Italy as well?

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: [00:04:07] Absolutely, yes. Everyone who came forward, we follow up with them and we I give them all a Bible. Those that come forward, we give them material to help them in their their Christian faith. And so, yes, we follow up with all of them. And I hope and pray that the churches are at work right now. While you’re talking on the on the radio, I hope that there’s many people that are following up with these new Christians there in Rome. And I know they are the churches were very excited.

TODD: [00:04:44] Franklin Graham is joining us today here on Newsmax and so many so many ministry activities happening. And of course, with Samaritan’s Purse, we understand that you guys are boots on the ground helping our friends in Israel. What are some of the things that you guys are doing to help the Israeli people?

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: [00:05:03] Well, we we have a team on the ground On Wednesday, the 11th, of course, attacks were on the seventh. So Saturday and by Wednesday, we were we had people there. What are the things that we’re doing is we’re providing food vouchers. We’ve done over 5000 food vouchers. These are people that are are these kibbutzim that were near Gaza. These towns are empty. They’ve had to evacuate these people. So people are spread throughout the country and hotels. And so we’re providing food vouchers for these these people. Also food boxes. We’ve done hot meals are hygiene items. You’ve got babies. Diapers and medical equipment. We’ve even provided defibrillators for search and rescue teams. It’s just the need is is endless. Do you think you know, Israel is or is a very technical country, but yet they are consuming their supplies and they just need help. And so that’s what we’re doing, is we’re working very closely with their first responders. And we’re going to be doing a lot more in the next week or two. So as the the rockets, they’re not you know, they were hundreds of rockets a day being fired. Of course, that does now dwindle down to I’m not sure if they’re even firing rockets anymore. So as a result of that, people are able to move around a little bit better.

TODD: [00:06:39] Real quick, Franklin, before we let you go, our Newsmax audience, I know many of them are participating in Operation Christmas Child. I’ve already seen folks getting those shoeboxes ready, even here in the Memphis area.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: [00:07:03] Well, I’ll tell you, it’s exciting. This is November the 13th. Through the 20th is our National Collection Week. We have over 4500 drop off locations. And since 1993, we’ve had 209 million shoebox gifts that have collected for children in 170 countries and territories. And this year, we’re celebrating our 30th year. So it started in 1993. This was 30 years ago. And a lot of a lot of these boxes are going to be going to Ukraine this year where we’re going to take as many as we can into the Middle East. We’re not going to go into how we’re going to distribute those right now because there’s a war going on. But we’re going to be taking a lot of boxes to that part of the world as well.

TODD: [00:07:48] Well, Franklin, I hear you guys are super busy and we appreciate you taking a few minutes and hanging out with us here on Newsmax today.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: [00:07:54] Oh, thank you. I appreciate it, Todd.

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