Franklin Graham Blasts Biden’s ‘Soul-Crushing’ Speech

Evangelist Franklin Graham unloaded on President Biden’s “Darth Brandon” address to the nation.

“The White House is trying to defend President Biden offending over half the American people. The President campaigned on uniting the country, not dividing it,” Graham wrote on Facebook.

Is Biden trying to instigate a confrontation with conservatives?

“Senator Tim Scott said it well: ‘In his soul-crushing ‘soul of the nation’ speech, the president threw half the country back into Hillary Clinton’s basket of deplorables. Anyone who refuses to go along with his radical agenda that’s bankrupting the country is a threat. Anyone who stands up for religious liberty is an extremist. Anyone who is a voice for voiceless and vulnerable unborn babies is a danger to democracy. That’s the picture Biden painted of America. But his illustration of our country and her people couldn’t be more disconnected from reality.'”

Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, conveyed the feelings of most Americans who were appalled by Biden’s dark and ominous speech delivered amid a blood-red backdrop of lights with U.S. Marines nearby.


“President Biden said that MAGA threatens the very foundation of our republic. Really? I want to see America great again. I want to see America as a leader, as a place for people who desire liberty and justice for all. I don’t want to see this country turned into a socialist country. I don’t want to see it fail. Does believing in freedom, justice, opportunity, less taxes, and smaller government make me an extremist? Absolutely not. The ones who are extremists are the ones who want to take that away from us! Ronald Reagan campaigned to Make America Great Again. Does that make him an extremist? President Biden is trying to vilify and demean conservative, freedom-loving Americans who do not support the failing and economically unsound policies of his administration. This is just further dividing our nation.Ultimately, America can only have true greatness through God. The blessings of this nation have come from the hand of God. We need to turn to Him. We need His help, His direction, and His healing.”

Franklin Graham/Facebook

My suspicions are that Barack Obama and Susan Rice had a role in orchestrating President Biden’s “Darth Brandon” speech on Thursday night. This is simply a continuation of the Democrat Party’s attempt to dehumanize conservatives. They have called us bitter, irredeemable, deplorables, dregs of society and fascists.

Even CNN pundits have admitted that Biden’s vilification of conservatives was over the top and unpresidential.

I predict the abusive language is only going to become more vile and detestable as we head into the midterm elections. It’s as if they want to instigate some sort of altercation or confrontation. But conservatives must not take the bait. We punch back at the ballot box. And we must punch back hard.

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