FRANKLIN GRAHAM: ‘I Love McDonalds but Bring Back the Fried Apple Pies’

Franklin Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has a passionate love affair with McDonald’s. He joined Todd on Newsmax to offer his critique of the big changes planned for their hamburgers. And he also urged the fast-food chain to bring back the fried apple pies. Watch the hilarious segment below and read a rush transcript below. TIRED OF BIG TECH CENSORSHIP? Click here to get Todd’s exclusive newsletter filled with important conservative news and information.

TODD: I didn’t realize you’re a big fan of McDonald’s.

FRANKLIN: I love McDonald’s.

TODD: They’re revamping their menu now. They say they’re improving the Big Mac. I’m very excited to see what’s coming down the pike.

FRANKLIN: Here’s the problem. McDonald’s had a president who came from England. The worst McDonald’s in the world or the ones in England. The burgers are dry – like eating cardboard. I go to McDonald’s in the UK. I quit going because they were terrible, but they hired the president from the former president of UK into Chicago to run the company and he brought the same protocols with him. Now he’s gone and I’m just hoping that McDonald’s gets the message and gets these burgers right. Well, if you have a fresh McDonald’s hamburger, I think is the best hamburger going, No question I’m with. But what’s happened is they cooked the meat and they put them in drawers and they can keep the keep the meat in the drawers for several hours and by then the meat to dry it out. And it’s tasteless. But if they go back to serving a fresh, hot hamburger, I think they are going to see their sales go up.

TODD: I love it. All right. Next time we run into each other, McDonald’s on me.

FRANKLIN: And also, I want them to bring the fried apple pies back. Those were the best. The baked apple pies are not the same, but those fried apple pies they used to have, they are absolutely best. And they say, well, they can be bad for you. Well, I mean, if you go to McDonald’s, anything can be bad for you. But you know what? It tastes good and life is short. I want to have a good meal.

TODD: But Franklin – those apple pies, they’re about the temperature of the surface of the sun. So aside from that…

FRANKLIN: They are wonderful.

TODD: All right, Franklin Graham – Merry Christmas to you.

FRANKLIN: Merry Christmas to you.

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