Franklin Graham reacts to Biden’s ‘wicked’ agenda: ‘Time for the church to stand up’

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Evangelist Franklin Graham says it’s time for Christians to stand up against President Biden’s ungodly proposals and executive orders.

“We don’t accept this wicked agenda that they are proposing. We stand in opposition to it, but we want to stand on God’s truth, on his word and what the Bible says,” the president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse told the Todd Starnes Show Thursday.

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He encouraged believers to pray that God would guide and direct Biden and his administration, especially on threats to religious freedom.

Graham called the Equality Act, which the Democratic president supports, “extremely dangerous.”

“We just need to pray that God would somehow intervene, and if the church prays, I believe that we can see great things happen,” the son of the late Rev. Billy Graham said.

“We shouldn’t be discouraged, we should be encouraged…in this very dark part of history that we’re going through, and this is the time for the church to stand up,” Graham added. “We don’t need to retreat, and dig a hole and hide in it. Let’s stand out and let’s speak up and be the salt and light that God wants us to be.”

Host Todd Starnes agreed, saying that in his book, “Culture Jihad,” he encourages readers to be happy warriors. Click here to read the book.

“We cannot and we must not adapt the tactics of the left. That’s not who we are as Christians,” Starnes said.

“We give to Ceasar’s what is Ceasar’s but when Ceasar comes along with moral issues that are opposed to the God standard then we have to speak up,” Graham said, adding that same-sex marriage and transgender issues are of utmost importance to the church.

“These are things that we as Christians need to be speaking up and teaching to our children, warning our children, and pastors need to be warning their congregations and if we don’t, we’re going to lose,” the evangelist concluded.

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