Gay Nativity Scene Features Baby Jesus with Two Josephs

The Bishop of Providence, Rhode Island is not too happy with a gay-themed Nativity scene erected outside a California home.

There’s no Mary — just the Baby Jesus and two gay Josephs — dressed in pink.

Comedian Cameron Esposito posted a photograph of his neighbor’s display on Twitter — causing a yuletide debate on social media.

Gay rights activists celebrated the rainbow-flavored manger scene.

But Bishop Thomas Tobin called it sacriligious — says it’s not funny to impose the gay agenda on the birth of Christ.

But if you think the gay nativity scene is offensive – wait until you get a load of the Hillary Clinton Christmas tree topper.

A non-profit feminist group is selling a 3-D tree topper featuring Hillary Clinton in a white pant suit with angel wings.

The British-based “Women to Look Up To” is responsible for this travesty — starting price is $107.

The ornament features the former first lady and failed presidential candidate “in her iconic power suit with angelic wings.”

That’s not just offensive — it’s downright tacky — and a bit nauseating, too.