Gay-Themed Hymnal Worships “God of Queer Transgressive Spaces”

There has been a not-so-covert attempt by leftist groups to infect Christianity with the LGBTQ agenda.

It started with Mainline denominations capitulating on issues like gay marriage and ordaining gay ministers. The United Methodists are in the throes of controversy over that very issue.

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Some universities and seminaries are teaching future pastors that the Bible affirms homosexuality. Hollywood has even produced films suggesting Jesus was gay..

And now comes words that a Christian Hymn Society is publishing a collection of Queer hymns. It’s a gay song book for the church.

The songs include titles like “God of Queer Transgressive Spaces,” “Quirky Queer and Wonderful.” And how about this toe-tapping ditty: “The Kingdom of God is the Queerest of Nations.”

Sydney Brouillard-Coyle, a gender non-comforming, queer and asexual music director at St. Paul’s Anglican Church told Anglican Journal it was a much-needed songbook. 

“Just looking through the music and the lyrics, it’s an amazing resource for music directors and for priests who are looking for hymns that are affirming for the LGBT community,” the gender non-comforming, queer and asexual music director declared. 

The Anglican Church of Canada called it a great source of affirmation and inclusion. But it seems to me that song book is a great source of heresy and abomination. I wonder if they have any hymns referencing Sodom and Gomorrah?