Hundreds Accept Jesus Christ in Poland at Franklin Graham Rally

Hundreds of people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior at Franklin Graham’s “God Loves You” tour in Krakow, Poland. More than 13,000 people turned out to hear the Gospel message. Graham was a guest on Todd’s national radio show and shared details of the rally. And click here to get a copy of Todd’s new book on how to save America from the Communists.

TODD: I want to talk about this incredible, life changing a tour that that you just got back from the God Loves You tour of thousands of people coming out in Poland. And, I’m curious about the response here. I understand a lot of people, accepted Christ as their savior at the at the events.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: It was incredible. You know, my father was there on October 12th, 1978, and, he was preaching in Krakow at the same time that, Pope John Paul the second, was, at the conclave where he was, nominated as Pope John Paul the second. And so, my father was actually preaching in his cathedral at that time. And the two of them became very, very close. And the people of Poland, love my father because he came to Poland during communism. He was not afraid to identify with the suffering of the people of Eastern Europe at that time. And so the the door has been wide open to me. Now, this is a priest in Krakow, got a wheat, and now, they’re in Krakow. And we’ve just had an incredible, support from all the churches. And it was, it was just a blessing to be there. And we we had over 800 people. Well, was over 900, almost a thousand people at the invitation, who came forward to, who were wanting to be prayed for, who wanted to receive Jesus Christ. Not everybody that comes forward is receiving Christ as their Savior, but many of them are coming for because they want to be prayed for. They want assurance. They want to be assured that their their salvation, is secure. And so they have questions and they want someone to pray for them. But we have, you know, the vast majority are coming forward for the first time to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

TODD: What do you make of the the young people? I was looking at a lot of the images on the Billy Graham website and so many young people in the audience.

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: There are a lot of young people searching. Europe is there’s been a spiritual vacuum in Europe now for a long time. And I find that, there there’s a hunger in Europe and in Poland, there is a hunger. Remember, they came out of 70 years of communism. Even though we’re past that for some time, there’s still the effects of it. And people are searching. What? What are the answers to life? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Is there a God? If there is a God, can I talk to him? When you tell them that yes, there is a God, and he loves us and he cares for us, and he sent his son, Jesus Christ from heaven to this or to take our sins. Jesus Christ came on a rescue, managed to save mankind by taking the sins of mankind, going to the cross, dying and shedding his blood on a Roman cross and being buried took our sins to the grave. And on the third day, walking out of that grave, God raising him to life. And if we are willing to confess, just confess it. Just admit to our sin and be willing to turn. And by faith believe on Jesus Christ. God will forgive our sins, and he will heal our hearts. And he’ll give us a new life and a new beginning. And he will promise us eternal life. And that’s that. That’s what people want to hear. And when they hear that, and they’ve never heard that before, they receive it with joy.

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