“I Place an Enormous Amount of Faith in Jesus Christ,” Mike Pompeo tells Todd Starnes

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Click here to listen to the full interview on the Todd Starnes Show Podcast.

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TODD: [00:28:02] You are a hopeful person. I mean, we there’s no doubt we’re facing some difficult days and hopefully 20, 22, we’re going to be able to have a stop gap there. But but you’re still hopeful no matter what. And I’m curious why that is. And what is your vision? What do you see for America and how do we how do we fix what’s broken right now? 

POMPEO: [00:28:18] I have two easy answers. First, I place an enormous amount of faith in Jesus Christ – in the Lord. He is watching all of this a second. I also know the history of the United States. We’ve been through terribly challenging times before, the revolutionary founding itself, our civil war, the civil rights clashes in the 1960s. The list is long. The attacks now almost 20 years ago on us by radical Islamic terrorism. America has been through a lot. We are a resilient people and I hear it and see it. When I am out traveling the country tonight, I’ll be helping a candidate here in Texas. I’ll be in California this weekend helping the Republican Party be successful, taking back the House of Representatives. I when I listen to people all across America, they can see this. They know this threat is upon us and they are becoming energized and engaged in ways that I haven’t seen them for an awfully long time. I’m optimistic. I think America is going to get it right. 

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