If the LGBT Activists are Permitted to Silence Franklin Graham, They Will Eventually Silence All of Us

In my new book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” – I warned Americans that militant homosexuals wanted to silence people of faith. I quoted a well-known gay rights financier who said he wanted to “punish the wicked” – referring to evangelical Christians.

A lot of book reviewers dismissed my warning. I was called a homophobe, a bigot.

But consider this news from the United Kingdom where Franklin Graham is about to embark on an eight-city tour of the country – holding religious rallies with tens of thousands of British Christians.

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But the nation’s LGBT community is enraged. They say Graham should not be allowed to speak in public venues – citing his belief that homosexuality is a sin and that marriage is between one man and one woman.

They said his message that Jesus Christ can changes lives might incite hate and put the gay community in danger. So they launched a campaign to bully and badger government leaders into silencing the American evangelist.

“The rub, I think, comes in whether God defines homosexuality as sin. The answer is yes,” Graham explained in a Facebook post. “But God goes even further than that, to say that we are all sinners—myself included. The Bible says that every human being is guilty of sin and in need of forgiveness and cleansing. The penalty of sin is spiritual death—separation from God for eternity.”

Instead of defending religious liberty and free speech, they caved to the LGBT bullies. So far at least three venues have canceled Graham’s rally – and more are expected.

Graham said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show they are working with attorneys and they plan on fighting back. He said thousands and thousands of British Christians are being disenfranchised.

“Their rights are being trampled on by these city governments and the gay lesbian movement,” he said.

Graham said it’s disturbing that militant LGBT activists want to push Christians into the church house and off of church property. He likened it to what the Soviets did to people of faith.

“It’s a freedom of speech issue it’s also a religious freedom issue,” he said.

You should not be surprised by what’s happening across the Big Pond – a nation that has embraced intolerance and hostility toward Christians. And you’d better get ready – because it’s happening in this country, too.

The LGBT activists have already conquered our nation’s public schools. They’ve also gained a foothold in some of our most prominent conservative websites and cable news channels.

If we do nothing they will be successful in silencing Christians in the public marketplace. And once that happens – you’d better believe they will come for our church houses.

The ultimate goal of anti-Christian organizations like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign is to silence and destroy anyone who opposes their radical agenda. Anyone. 

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