‘Jesus Was Oppressed, Not a Christian’: WOKE Church Delivers ‘Black Lives Matter’ Liturgy

Two female “ministers” at a Denver, Colorado United Methodist Church led their congregation in reciting a communion liturgy that claims “Jesus was not a Christian.”

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Before reciting the radical liturgy during a service on Feb. 5, Rev. Emily Flemming told attendees of Christ Church Colorado that it was written by a transgender minister and is entitled “Black Lives Matter.”

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Video footage of the service went viral after segments of it were posted by the Twitter account Woke Preacher Clips.


The ministers began the liturgy by saying that black lives matter to God and that they always have. Towards the end of the reading, the ministers started making a list of claims about Jesus, saying he wasn’t a Christian, was part of an oppressed people and found protection in Africa.

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“Jesus was not white. He did not speak English. Jesus was not a Christian. He lived as a citizen of an occupied nation, and He was part of an oppressed people. Jesus was a refugee who found protection on the Continent of Africa, and he experienced mob violence and police brutality,” Flemming told the congregants.

On its website, Christ Church Colorado calls itself an “inclusive, diverse, and questioning church.”

“We are committed to exploring progressive Christianity with rich traditions that express the diversity of the Christian Church,” the website adds. “Our definition of progressive Christianity is exploring faith by questioning tradition, accepting human diversity, emphasizing social justice, and maintaining healthy relationships. When you come to Christ Church, our intellect is not left outside. We create a life-giving theology that includes our experience, reason, biblical values, and traditions of the church.”
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The website also says that the church believes in going beyond the words of the Bible to “better understand the message of Jesus Christ.”

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