Lawmaker Under Fire For Wanting Sodom & Gomorrah Taught During Gay History Month

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October is apparently LGBT History Month – which is different from the month of June which is Gay Pride Month. It’s hard to keep up with their calendar.

Anyway, North Dakota State Representative Brandon Prichard came up with a rather interesting idea. He suggested that Gay History Month should also include a lesson about what happened to Sodom and Gommorah.

“Declaring Christ and His teachings as central to the history and future of our government is crucial,” Prichard wrote in another post. “Thus, it needs to be in every state’s code and constitution!”

As you might imagine, the Republican’s suggestions did not go over very well.

Freedom from Religion Foundation’s President Annie Laurie Gaylor said in an open letter to Prichard that “As a state representative, your duty is to support the state and federal constitutions and to protect the rights of conscience of your constituents, not to promote your personal religious views, much less a Christian theocracy. Your oath of office has charged you with great responsibility over citizens, including those citizens who may not or do not share your personal religious viewpoints. You have shown that you are unfit for this responsibility.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation accused Mr. Prichard of being anti-gay. They are demanding that he either apologize or resign.

Representative Prichard says he will not listen to a godless, out-of-state interest group like the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

“I will not listen to a godless out-of-state interest group like FFRF,” he wrote in a tweet. “I’ll say it again. Christ is King and Lord. Let’s dedicate our government to Him, His moral teachings, and His mercy. All God’s followers say Amen.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Mr. Representative.

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