Mega-Church Threatens LA Dodgers Boycott

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One of the largest and most influential churches in southern California is threatening to boycott the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Dr. Paul Chappell, the pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church and the president of West Coast Baptist College, says he is appalled that the Dodgers are going to honor an anti-Catholic hate group.

“I am appalled at the announcements that you are planning to honor a group that disrupts and spews hatred toward people of faith,” the respected pastor wrote in a letter to the Dodgers.

The Dodgers have faced fierce opposition from Christians after they disinvited and then re-invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to a Pride Night celebration.

The group of drag queen nuns has notoriously engaged in blasphemous and sacrilegious activities mocking people of faith. Watch the video below after the ad plays:

Dr. Chappell warned that if the Dodgers go forward with their plan to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, there will be a price to pay.

“For over forty years, I have brought my children and grandchildren as well as our church family and college students to Dodgers games,” he wrote. “We have purchased many thousands of tickets. But if you indeed choose to honor this group, please understand that my family, Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College will never patronize the Dodgers again.

The Dodgers would be wise to take the Baptist pastor at his word.

“Corporate America has so embraced the woke philosophies and ESG principles of our day that many corporations have become insensitive to and even intolerant of millions of customers,” Chappell wrote in his letter. “These customers are waking up themselves and deciding they don’t have to patronize organizations that are more interested in appeasing the extreme elements of the LGBTQ movement than in fulfilling their basic services to their customers.”

He urged the Dodgers to let baseball be about baseball, and not obscene deviancy.

“Let Dodgers games be an opportunity for people to simply enjoy the sport of baseball as fans,” Chappell wrote. “Why make the sport a platform to uplift groups that aggressively antagonize a large segment of your fanbase, let alone a group that openly and obscenely mocks people of faith?”

What a novel concept, America. And well done, Pastor Chappell.

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