Nativity Scene Banned Under Delaware Town’s New Policy

A beloved tradition in Georgetown, Delaware is coming to an end because of a new town policy banning unattended displays.

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That means the annual Nativity Scene will not be posted in the town’s circle, television station WBOC reports. 

We have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the center and our light poles all speak of the Christmas season and I think the nativity scene falls within that. I think it’s important that these symbols represent the faiths of everyone that’s celebrating this time of year,” said Charlie Koskey, owner of Chardon LTD. Jewelers.

According to the Cape Gazette, the policy is not directed specifically at religious displays.

“There have been instances where unattended displays have been placed on The Circle and became safety issues,” said town manager Gene Dvornick told the newspaper. “The town’s policy on unattended displays does not just apply to religious displays; it applies to any and all unattended displays.”

The town manager went on to tell WBOC that it was really about public safety.

“If the wind kicks up and there’s not anyone there and stuff blows out to the traffic lane,” he said.

So Mr. Dvornick is afraid a gust of wind might blow the Baby Jesus into traffic? It sounds to me like the town manager is the only one blowing hot air.