New Jersey Town Defies LGBT Activists, Refuses to Remove Cross-Shaped Pier

Franklin Graham, the prominent evangelical leader, is among those saluting the town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey after they pushed back against LGBT bullies.

Ocean Grove was established more than 150 years ago by Methodist ministers and other Christians as a place for summertime camp meetings. The town’s nickname is “God’s square mile.”

It’s beloved pier was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. And after years of fundraising, the newly rebuilt $2 million pier is set to open today.

Is a cross-shaped pier offensive to gay people?

But the pier’s design has apparently triggered a bunch of atheists, gay rights activists and other godless heathen liberals.

Presbyterian Pastor Douglas Grote, likened the design to “Christian bullying.”

“I fear that my faith’s lovely cross may soon become as toxic as a Trojan horse for Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, and all of New Jersey,” he wrote in a nasty op-ed. “I am so deeply concerned. And I am so concerned from my neighbors who are scared and bullied.”

Yes, good readers, the cross-shaped pier has apparently triggered LGBT activists.

Ocean Grove Pier/Screenshot NJ.com

“Ocean Grove is a diverse community including LGBTQ residents and people of various religious affiliations, who are never asked for input about the OGCMA projects that impact all of us,” two local residents told the New York Post. “The problem is not solely the pier in the shape of the cross, but the total lack of regard for their tenants.”

Attorney Shane Martins told Patch.com he was going to ask the ACLU to look in to the legality of cross-shaped pier.

“This is Christian nationalism,” Martins said. “We are not a Christian nation; we are a nation that has many Christians in it.”

Now, most towns would have already waved the white flag and destroyed the pier. But the good Christian people of Ocean Grove stood their ground.

“We make no apology for that we love the fact that it looks like a cross,” Camp Meeting Association COO Jamie Jackson told News 12. “This is a religious town founded as such in Ocean Grove and most people are excited.”

Michael Badger, the president of the Camp Meeting Association, said even though they own the pier it will be open to the general public.

“The Christian interpretation of the cross is that it is a symbol of God’s love and forgiveness.  It is disappointing that anyone would seek to block a sacred symbol on private property from public view regardless of whether you interpret the shape as a pier, a plus sign, or cross,” he said.

Graham praised the town for standing on the promises of God and the United States Constitution.

“What a great landmark for their town,” Graham wrote on Facebook. “They said they wanted to build the best pier possible, and that’s what they did.”

“Michael Badger who headed the project said that the cross should still be ‘part of the American fabric’—and he’s right. He said ‘We can’t hide our faith. It’s something we live out day to day.’ I congratulate them on a job well done and their bold witness,” Graham added.

As I wrote in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” it is imperative that people of faith stand up to bullies. We must boldly proclaim our rights under the Constitution. We must be Happy Warriors. Click here to read my book.

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