Nurses Nationwide Pray to Jesus on Hospital Rooftops

There’s no question that the men and women of the medical field have been working day in and day out to fight the Coronavirus.

Every day they go to the frontlines of the battlefield to keep us safe — putting their lives on the line.

In the midst of this battle a group of Tennessee nurses asked for even more protection – and they were photographed going before the true Victor.


“Members of our team spent a few extra minutes on our helipad praying for their unit, Vanderbilt employees, patients and families & all of our colleagues around the world taking care of patients,” the hospital wrote on Twitter.

 On the same day, nurses from the Jackson South Medical Center in Miami Florida were also seen praying on their helipad.

Senior ER tech, Danny Rodriguez wrote on Twitter, “Our team said a prayer, asking God for guidance and protection while we are at work, and to keep us and our families safe.”

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What a beautiful thing to see – medical workers coming together as the body of Christ and pray before our Lord.

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