NYC to Provide 500,000 “FREE” Ramadan Meals


A few weeks ago New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to permanently shut down any church or synagogue that held public gatherings in their houses of worship. Mosques were noticeably absent from the mayor’s mandate.

And now New York City is rolling out the red carpet to help Muslims celebrate Ramadan.

The mayor announced that the Big Apple will provide more than 500,000 “free” halal meals across the city.

And by free I suspect he means “taxpayer-funded.”

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The city will distribute 400,000 halal meals at 32 specific Department of Education sites in areas where there are “large Muslim communities.”

“Any New Yorker needs food, it will always be there for you during this crisis. Your city will provide,” he said. “There’s no question.

Ramadan began on Thursday and ends May 23.