Prager: The Left Wants to Ban Devout Christians From Holding Office

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For the second time in two years a judicial nominee for the US Court system has faced scrutiny from a California senator over their Catholic faith.

Senator Kamala Harris of the Golden State, interrogated district court nominee Brian Buescher over his membership in the “extreme” Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization that engages in charitable work across the country.

Harris and fellow Democrat Mazie Hirono of Hawaii cited the Knight’s opposition to Proposition 8 in California, a 2008 ballot initiative that defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

The initiative passed with 52 percent in the notoriously liberal state.

Harris and Hirono’s questioning comes just over a year after Dianne Feinstein, another California Democrat senator, questioned Amy Coney Barrett, a nominee to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, over her Catholic faith.

“The dogma lives loudly within you,” the senator told the nominee.

Barrett was ultimately confirmed and is considered a possible Supreme Court pick should another vacancy arise during the Trump presidency.

“The only organized opposition [to leftism] comes from within Judaism and Christianity,” founder of the nonprofit Prager University, Dennis Prager said on the Starnes Country Thursday.

“The orthodox Jew, the faithful Mormon, the traditional Catholic, and the Evangelical Protestant, these are the only organized opponents to leftism, and they know it, and they will do anything they can to suppress it,” he continued.

Prager called leftism “the most dynamic religion in the world over the last hundred years.”

“It’s a secular religion but it’s a religion nevertheless,” Prager said, “and that is the reason that you heard that antipathy described about somebody being in the Knights of Columbus.”

The nationally syndicated talk show host said that the left is actively trying to stop anyone who holds to traditional biblical values as “not acceptable” for public office.

“I don’t understand,” Prager said. “Why can’t I get my values from the Bible? Where did Martin Luther King Jr. get his values from?”

Prager noted the infiltration by the left into religious communities and singled out Pope Francis as a representative of “this trend of leftism really taking over much of mainstream religion” and added that for many Jews, “Judaism is their ethnicity and leftism is their religion.”

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