Presbyterian Church Offers ‘Glitter Blessings’ For Pride Month

First Presbyterian Church in Memphis offered “glitter blessings” during a pride month festival and on Sunday the congregation held a full-blown gay pride worship service.

The “Christian” service included a children’s sermon about a cat who visits a lesbian family, a soloist warbling Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” and a homily about tolerance preached by a Jewish rabbi. The service concluded with an instrumental version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

The Presbyterians stopped just short of inviting a brigade of drag queens to take up the offering. Imagine the scene as parishioners passed by the altar to stuff their tithes and offerings into thongs as the queens belted out, “It’s Raining Men.”

“God who created the first human with no gender. We ask the Holy Spirit to give us an appreciation for the entire diversity of creation. Give us hearts to love all varieties of sexuality, gender identity, and expression. Even when we do not fully understand the differences we encounter,” the lady preacher declared.

During Mid-South Pride Fest the church featured “glitter blessings” at its festival booth. That angered Frederick Tappan, a Baptist minister and a radio host on KWAM News Radio Memphis.

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“I was appalled,” said Tappan. “The Bible speaks vehemently against this type of sin.”

The church, which is 196-years-old, boasts about its wokeness on its website.

“With joyful hearts and open arms we welcome everyone to our church ​regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic or family status,” the church states on its website. Our community is old, but our thinking is not.”

Pastor Tappan said it flies in the face of the Christian faith for any church to participate in pride month activities.

“Are we going to have an adultery pride month? A fornication pride month? A liars pride month,” Tappan asked his audience. “I don’t get it. I don’t understand how you can claim to be a Christian church and promote this type of debauchery.”

Well, at least First Presbyterian didn’t ask one of the drag queens to take over the children’s sermon. Click here to read my book on how to stop the Marxists from taking over America.

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