SBC Executive Committee Member: Russell Moore is a ‘Disgruntled Ex-Employee Throwing Bombs on His Way Out the Door’

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The following is a statement from Rod Martin, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee. The statement addresses allegations that Southern Baptist leaders “stonewalled” calls to address sexual abuse in the SBC.

“I have been an officer of the SBC Executive Committee since June 2020, and an EC member since June 2019. I was not a member of the Executive Committee until after the events Russell Moore claims took place. However:

  1. I have personally, directly questioned everyone I’m aware of Russell having charged, including but not limited to Ronnie Floyd and Mike Stone. All have told me they are innocent, and know of no such wrongdoing by anyone.
  2. All people are sinners, but I personally know all of these people to be of good character. By contrast, I personally know of multiple occasions on which Russell could have raised these issues and did not.
  3. In two separate meetings of the EC officers this week, I told Ronnie Floyd (EC President) and Rolland Slade (EC Chairman), both of whom I believe to be honorable men, that if they believe themselves and others to be innocent, they should say so publicly; BUT

If they believe that anyone at the EC is a sex abuser or has covered up sex abuse, they better admit it right now, or I will personally lead the charge to hang them all high.

They assured me they know of no such thing. I believe them. They assured me Mike Stone did nothing wrong. I believe them, and I still strongly support him for SBC President.

There’s going to be an investigation. That’s good. I believe these men and women have absolutely nothing to hide, and Russell Moore is a disgruntled ex-employee throwing bombs on his way out the door. If there is any truth to his charges, he should be excommunicated for covering them up all this time.

But there will be zero tolerance on this. If I have been misled on any of this, by anyone, I will not rest until the liars are driven out of our SBC in disgrace. And they know it.”

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