Senior Living Center Shuts Down Bible Study

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A Missouri senior living center is facing a possible federal lawsuit after they banned residents from holding Bible studies.

The American Center for Law and Justice says they are representing one of the grandmothers who organized the Bible study. They say the residents met weekly in the unnamed center for several months without incident.

“The common area is an area available to all residents to use for gatherings such as bingo, puzzling, potlucks and – until a few weeks ago – Bible study,” the faith-based law firm said in a statement. “The Bible study had become an important weekly occurrence for several residents at the senior complex some of whom are disabled.”

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But over the summer – they were told to cease and desist. Apparently, other residents were purportedly offended by God’s Word.

Illegal to Ban Bible Studies

“Management then informed our client that she would be excluded from using the common area for the Bible study because some found it offensive,” ACLJ said. “She was also told that because the complex was federally funded, the Fair Housing Act (FHA) prohibited her Bible study.”

Management should’ve told the aggrieved party to take their complaint up with the Almighty. Instead, they shut down the Christians.

And in doing so – the senior living center broke federal law.

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The Fair Housing Act stipulates that Bible studies must be allowed on federally funded property. And it also bans discrimination based on religion.

“No one may be discriminated against in the sale, rental or enjoyment of housing because of their religious beliefs,” the ACLJ stated. “This includes equal access to all the benefits of housing: someone could not, for example, be excluded from reserving a common room for a prayer meeting when the room may be reserved for various comparable secular uses.”

So now the senior living center has a choice: do they side with the godless grinches or the godly Golden Girls?

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