Tennessee Town Faces Debate Over ‘Holiday’ Tree

Amy Grant wrote a song about how she dreamed of a “tender Tennessee Christmas,” but in one Memphis suburb they are going to be celebrating a tender Tennessee holiday.

Germantown, an affluent community with a number of churches, recently celebrated the lighting of the city’s “holiday tree.”

“The City of Germantown presents Holiday Tree Lighting,” read an announcement.

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“Watching the first flicker of the white light on the holiday tree is a long standing tradition in Germantown. On Friday, November 24, gather with your family and neighbors in Municipal Square to sing holiday songs, toast marshmallows and enjoy the beginning of the holiday season as a community. Afterward comes the much anticipated lighting of the tree,” read another posting on the city’s official Facebook page.

Lots of folks had questions about the holiday songs, the holiday refreshments and the holiday tree. Which holiday, specifically, was the city of Germantown celebrating? And why were they unwilling to tell us?

“Why does Germantown have something against Christian holidays and traditions,” said conservative activist Justin Johnson.

“Coming on the heels of our GMSD School Board wanting to rename Easter to ‘spring holiday,'” said Kristen New, with the Shelby County Moms for Liberty. “Seeing the pattern, yet?”

The city’s school district drew national headlines when a committee recommended to rename “Good Friday” and “Easter Monday.” A calendar draft showed that both Christian holidays had been designated as “spring holiday.” 

Parents and KWAM News Talk listeners rose up in protest and the board ultimately decided to keep Good Friday. They eliminated Easter Monday as a school holiday.

“Have you noticed the liberal mentality of these people in this thread or is it just me? Jesus is the reason for the season and these people are mad about it. It’s pretty sad,” New said. “Merry CHRISTmas.”

“Isn’t it odd that the word “holiday“ is derived from the words “holy day,“ and these vacuous knuckleheads in local government think they are avoiding the religious issue by using that word,” added conservative Bob Hendry.

“They don’t want to offend the snowflakes by saying Christmas, so they offend the decent people instead,” another resident said.

But many leftists and Christmas-haters defended the city’s decision to be tolerant and inclusive. And they posted their objections by the hundreds on KWAM’s social media platforms.

“Not everyone who lives in Germantown celebrated Christmas. They are trying to be inclusive not exclusive like some of y’all,” one resident said. “You can call it whatever the F you want to but the city is acknowledging ALL ITS RESIDENTS and ALL RELIGIONS! Why does this offend you? Not very Christian of you.”

I sincerely doubt the leftists would be so tolerant or inclusive if Germantown had renamed MLK Day or Gay Pride Month.

“How dare you homophobic bigots call it ‘Holiday Pride Month,'” I could imagine the Alphabet Activists yelling.

So, let’s cut to the chase – the holiday we are commemorating with trees and cookies and songs is called Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season.

Do you call it a Christmas Tree or a Holiday Tree?

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