VA Orders Hospital to Remove Cross From Wall

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A military veteran was reportedly traumatized by the presence of a Latin cross inside a screening room at a VA medical center in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

“I fought for my country so that I, and others, would not have to witness state/church entanglement as a captive audience,” the veteran reportedly said.

So he reached out to the Freedom From Religion Foundation – a radical group of atheists and agnostics.

They fired off a letter to the Louis Johnson VA Medical Center – calling on the cross to be removed.

“The Supreme Court has held that the First Amendment requires government neutrality between religions, and between religion and nonreligion,” FFRF’s Sammi Lawrence wrote to the medical center’s director. “By displaying a Latin cross in a location that hospital patrons like our complainant will inevitably observe, the hospital signals blatant favoritism towards religion over non-religion, and Christianity above all other faiths.”

And just like that the cross was removed and the medical center apologized.

“The Latin cross has been removed, the employee has been counseled on the display of personal faith symbols, and the Executive Leadership Team is in the process of reemphasizing the importance of maintaining a professional atmosphere to all employees at Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center,” the medical center’s executive director wrote in a letter.

“To the veteran patient who experienced the feelings of trauma caused by the Latin Cross, we sincerely apologize,” the note further read. “In addition, we are grateful for you bringing this to our attention, so that we were able to remedy this incident and ensure that future veteran patients find our hospital to be a safe and welcoming environment, regardless of faith or lack thereof.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says the cross offended non-Christian patients and they praised the VA for cleansing the room of religious symbols.

Do you honestly think that veterans in their time of need are going to find comfort from a godless soyboy?

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