‘You will never go wrong following Jesus’: Students challenge classmates at ‘Fields of Faith’

Thousands of students challenged their classmates to follow Jesus, read the Bible, and pray during the 18th annual Fields of Faith.

The event, sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), was held throughout the month of October.

“Like all of our FCA events, Fields of Faith helps coaches and athletes experience God’s saving grace and gain the knowledge that lives can be transformed through Jesus,” Shane Williamson, FCA president and CEO, said. “We pray that these amazing experiences for God’s glory will continue for years to come.” 

CBN News reports that hundreds of thousands attended Field of Faith and thousands gave their lives to Christ.

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“The word of God changes the country,” Jeff Martin, executive director of campus sports ministry for FCA, told the outlet. “The impact on students, adults, and the entire community from the very beginning of Fields of Faith is to get students to start reading scripture consistently.”