Children’s Hospital Chaplain: ‘Love Jesus. Be Gay’

The premier children’s hospital in Wisconsin is now hiring transgender activists to serve as chaplains and spiritual care interns. 

The Federalist was first to report about Children’s Wisconsin. The hospital’s newest hire is Kate Newendorp.

Should children be forced to undergo gender mutilation surgeries?

The chaplain is committed to using her job to in her words – shake things up. She also daydreams about a time where God isn’t referred to with male pronouns. 

“Love Jesus. Be gay. Get ordained,” Newendorp wrote on Facebook in June, with pictures of herself wearing rainbow garb. “What better way to celebrate Pride than being ordained?! Many thanks to my church for being willing to stand for queer folks being included in ministry and for allowing me to follow God’s call.”

The chaplain is also pro-abortion — says aborting babies is a religious freedom. 

“People of all genders and sexualities have and need abortions,” Newendorp wrote. “Abortion is healthcare. I am an ordained minister who supports a person’s right to choose what is right for their life and their body. I am pastor [sic] who is pro-choice.”

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The hospital’s new spiritual care intern is an LGBTQ teen safe space facilitator. And she is committed to deconstructing her white supremacy. The intern says gender is infinite and God is transgender. 

The hospital actually has a gender health clinic — offering transgender interventions for children up to age 16. 

It’s nothing more than a cultural freak show. 

Children’s Wisconsin is not a hospital. It’s a House of Horrors.

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