STARNES: Biden’s Presidency Has Fallen and it Can’t Get Up

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President Biden fell off his bicycle last weekend. Fortunately, the only thing that was bruised was his ego.

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Much like the many times the president has stumbled trying to climb up the stairs on Air Force One. Or the verbal gaffes that have plagued his public oratory. Or the countless times he’s forgotten the names of cabinet secretaries.

Just the other day he referred to the Second Gentleman as the First Gentleman. An innocent mistake, perhaps. Unless the president is about to conclude Pride Month with a stunning revelation.

Some will question whether the bicycle incident is yet another example of his declining mental capacity. Whether he still has the stamina to be president. Whether he even had it in the first place. 

But it’s also a metaphor for his presidency. 

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No doubt that the United States has become a raging dumpster fire. The border has been completely overrun – we are fighting a proxy war with the Russians in Ukraine. Our respect on the world stage is in shambles. And the economy is a mess. 

People are struggling to fill up their gas tanks and put food on the table. The man who promised to unite us has divided us even further.

It’s a sad commentary on a man who was never mentally or physically qualified to be president in the first place.

The Biden presidency has fallen, America — and it can’t get up. 


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