Starnes SLAMS Oscars’ Hypocrisy for $205k Swag Bag Amid Border Crisis

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The hypocrisy coming from the Oscars Sunday night can be summed up in the swag bags worth more than $205,000 each nominee received.

Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes slammed Hollywood actors who got the Distinctive Assets’ “Everyone Wins” bags given to the 25 people nominated for best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, and director, Forbes reports.

“Imagine how many copies of Kamala’s book they could have purchased for the children Biden has caged at the border,” the Todd Starnes Radio Show host tweeted.

Over the weekend, the New York Post reported Vice President Kamala Harris still has not visited the crisis at the border, but her book, “Superheroes Are Everywhere,” is being given to unaccompanied illegal alien children in their welcome kits.

“Whenever there’s trouble, superheroes show up just in time,” Harris writes in the book purchased by taxpayer dollars.

Instead of helping the children, Hollywood actors were given the pricy bags with a ton of gifts.

A 24-karat gold-finished vape cartridges from Hollowtips, an emergency hammer to free dogs left inside hot cars from PETA, two games — A Game of Cat & Mouth and Poetry for Neanderthals — from Exploding Kittens, a brain-sensing headband to wear while sleeping from Muse, the anti-racist children’s book “Change-Maker Village,” and, of course, an NFT (non-fungile token), from Adventure Media and Tallard Capital, Fox News reports.

But wait — there’s more.

Nominees were also given a three-night stay at Pater Noster Lighthouse in Sweden, a four-night stay for two at Golden Door spa, 10 personal training sessions with trainer Alexis Seletzky, and a consultation with cosmetic surgeon and liposuction specialist Dr. Thomas Su, Forbes reports.

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Lash Fary, Distinctive Assets’ founder told Fox News that this year’s gifts to the actors features less vacations because of the pandemic and focuses more on health.

“The companies we are featuring embrace diversity, inclusion, health and philanthropy and are giving back to their communities and the world at large in significant ways,” Fary said.

But other companies are also giving the nominees luxurious gifts, according to Page Six.