104-Year-Old, World War II Vet Beats COVID-19

Major Wooten, a World War II Veteran who is now 104 years old has beaten COVID-19.

The former soldier of Birmingham, Alabama, was diagnosed with the virus on November 23 just days before Thanksgiving after his daughter contracted COVID-19.

The New York Post said that according to Wooten’s granddaughter, Holley Wooten McDonald, he “was physically drained and a little fuzzy mentally after battling the new coronavirus but appears to be on the mend”.

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Wooten was administered to Madison Hospital after he had taken the monoclonal antibody therapy bamlanivimab, which is a new COVID treatment approved by the FDA.

His granddaughter said, “I don’t know if that medicine just started working … but within 24 hours he was better”. He was released from Madison two days before the third of December. The third being his birthday.

Madison Hospital put out a video of Major Wooten being rolled out of the hospital on the first of December in a wheelchair while members of the staff sang him “Happy Birthday”.