New charitable platform allows donors to literally see the people they are helping

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DonorSee, a new charitable giving platform, offers people the opportunity to help those in need around the world like never before.

The CEO, Gret Glyer, started DonorSee after he crowdfunded a girls’ school in Malawi using a camera and updating those who helped. Today, they have completed 8,340 projects, many urgent, in several countries and raised over $3.4 million.

For every donation made, there is a video. Donors get to see exactly how their gift helps the person or project on the other side of the screen. It’s the closest thing to helping them in real-time.

“Most of the time, when you give to charity, all you receive back is a thank you email. You rarely get to see who specifically your dollars got to help or where they ended up,” explains Glyer. “Successful nonprofits have started engaging their donors and community through technology for years. COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation that charities are going through. DonorSee is helping them to lead these changes.” 

For Kayla Cox, 36, a wife and mother of three children in Florida, it was a game-changer.

“I love that you can see their faces and know the exact need you’re helping to meet with each donation. You can see that a small amount of money literally saves a life,” Cox explained.

Her family gave to an organization called “Forever Angels” on DonorSee.

“Thank you for providing food for our children at Forever Angels at this difficult time. We are so thankful,” Amy Hathaway, who runs Forever Angels in Tanzania, said after they met their fundraising goal on DonorSee. Amy shared videos of the kids eating the food that donors helped to purchase.

The team at DonorSee has a rigorous process to vet and hold accountable partners in each country to make sure the gifts are going where they need to go.

One of DonorSee’s biggest projects, building the first STEM high school in Malawi has already raised over $95,000 as part of the $450,000 goal.

Click here to support the first STEM high school in Africa!

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