Kayleigh McEnany Prepares for Life-Saving Journey

Kayleigh McEnany normally discusses politics when she’s a guest on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. But on Monday, she addressed a very important personal journey on which she is about to embark.

The national spokesperson for the Republican National Convention is scheduled to undergo what is expected to be life-saving surgery.

The spokeswoman, a favored political commentator on The Todd Starnes Radio Show, said her family has a history with breast cancer.

McEnany said she found out about her lifetime risk of Breast Cancer when her mother took a blood test in 2009, who ultimately decided to get a double mastectomy.

McEnany’s mother advised her to do the same thing after she found out about her own risk of Cancer at the age of twenty-one, but McEnany wanted to wait until she was sure she wanted to have the procedure.

“I waited about a decade, doing mammograms, MRIs, and hoping to find a supportive husband and I did,” McEnany said. “He’s on board with me, and I’m about to do the same surgery as my mom. I’ll be very happy this time tomorrow,” she said.

McEnany added, “I will bring my chances of breast cancer down to basically zero, which is a great feeling.”

McEnany said she was grateful for the support of her husband during the difficult decision making process.

“It makes it so much easier when you have someone who last week touched my heart and my head and said, ‘That’s why I love you.'”

“Losing a piece of yourself is never easy,” she noted, referencing the difficulty of making the decision and speaking out about it publicly, but added that the thought of getting Breast Cancer and having to undergo chemotherapy was even scarier.

McEnany said the messages of support she has received from other women in her shoes have also been incredibly helpful, but the knowledge that she has God on her side is the most comforting.

“That’s the ultimate strength and hope,” she said.

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