WATCH: Clydesdale Rescued After Falling Through Ice

Seamus the Clydesdale is getting his fifteen minutes of fame — thanks to a resourceful group of first responders in Elbert County, Colorado.

The three-year-old horse fell through the ice and became stuck in a pond on Friday. It took about 40 minutes for deputies from the Elbert County Sheriff’s Dept. and firefighters from Elizabeth Fire Rescue to pull horse to dry ground.

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Tracy Corwin-Beckman tells me a wonderful equine veterinarian named Dale Rice was on had during the rescue and stayed with her horse until the regular vet arrived.

“We are so lucky and thankful for the first responders. Without them he would have never made it out,” Tracy said.

She said Seamus bounced right back after a restful night in the barn.

“This morning he trotted out of his paddock and took (a) nap in his favorite corner of the field with his mule sister,” she said.

On Saturday, the sheriff’s deputies received a batch of homemade chocolate-chip cookies — along with a thank-you note:

“Thanks for pulling my gigantic behind out of the pond – Love Seamus.”

Tracy said she plans on delivering a batch of cookies to the fire station on Sunday.

“It’s the least I can do,” she said. “They saved Seamus’ life.”

Be sure to thank the good folks at the Elbert County Sheriff’s Dept. and Elizabeth Fire Rescue for teaming up to save one of God’s beautiful creations.

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