Why is Good Friday so Good?

By Todd Starnes

My dear friends, I hope you will take the time to read and then listen to my morning radio commentary. This particular episode was broadcast earlier today on nearly 500 radio stations across the fruited plain. –  Todd

Someone asked me the other day – why do Christians call today Good Friday?

Imagine your child was born into the most horrible of circumstances – a life of misery and pain, destined to be a man of constant sorrow.

Imagine someone you love infected with a terminal malady – incurable – passed down from generation to generation. And no matter what you did – no matter how hard you tried – there was no escaping the eternal suffering.

But then imagine a man with a cure – a man willing to be wounded for our transgressions – bruised for our iniquities.

Imagine a man willing to sacrifice himself so that our sons and daughters might be saved – so that I might be saved. 

And that’s what happened on that day so many years ago on a hill far away, when the King of Kings was nailed to an old rugged cross. For a world of lost sinners – He was slain. 

Love crucified, arose — and that is why Good Friday is so good. 

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