ALL-TIME LOW: Fox Ratings Continue to Plummet Post-Tucker

Staffers at Fox News Channel are wondering just how low the ratings will go in a post-Tucker Carlson world. The latest Nielsen television ratings, released Monday, show that more than half of Carlson’s audience has turned off the channel.

On Friday night a mere 1.1 million viewers tuned in to Carlson’s old time slot. By comparison, Carlson average roughly 3 million viewers in his final week.

A Rasmussen Reports poll shows Carlson was actually more popular than Fox News.

Of likely U.S. voters surveyed, 59% surveyed said they had a favorable view of Carlson compared with 52% for Fox. More believe Carlson’s departure will make Fox worse, not better (32%-19%).

Carlson’s exit is also impacting the rest of the channel’s primetime lineup.

Roger Friedman, of Showbiz 411, reports Sean Hannity hit rock bottom in the ratings on Friday. Total viewers were just 1.3 million. That’s Hannity’s lowest rating ever.

“On the night before, Thursday, he was still up around 1.8 million. On the prior night, he was at 1.7 million,” Friedman reported. “But just two weeks ago, Hannity had 2.7 million viewers on April 13th. His fans have literally run away in droves.”

Newsmax, an American-owned television network, seems to be the favored choice among conservatives.

Within the cable universe, Newsmax saw its average audience at 8 p.m. with “Eric Bolling The Balance” soar by 261% to an average 534,000 viewers.

But Newsmax notes that it’s available in 24 million fewer cable homes than Fox, making its viewership even more impressive for its cable distribution. Nielsen data indicated Newsmax drew 57% of Fox’s audience on a proportional basis Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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