Sara Carter: Biden Has Committed Crimes Against American People

The following is a partial transcript of Todd’s interview with Sara Carter on The Todd Starnes Radio Show. Click here to listen to the full interview on the Todd Starnes Show Podcast.

TODD: [01:04:14] Sarah Carter on the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE. Sarah, the Louisiana governor, Dan Patrick and Laura Ingraham Show last night on Fox and he says it’s time for red state governors to invoke the article for Section four of the Constitution, saying that we’ve we are being invaded and we must be able to protect the sovereignty of our borders if the federal government will not do that.

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CARTER: [01:04:39] I’ve spent a lot of time down at the border. So you have this this growing surge of unaccompanied minors mixed in with bad guys, mixed in with people from all over the country, all over the world, not just for Mexico, Central America, Haiti. Right now, we’re seeing so many Haitians coming in. We see people coming in from Africa, people crossing in from Colombia, people from the Middle East that made their way into Brazil and then hooked up with drug cartels and human traffickers, pushing them this way into the United States. So what do you do? How do you handle this? How do you send people back home when they don’t even have identifiers on them? Because what most people don’t understand is that people actually get rid of their IDs on their way here, so will contact their clients. Let’s say we believe they’re from Haiti. We contact their consulate. We say to them, listen, you know what? We’ve got a guy here. We believe he’s Haitian and they’re like, well, show us his I.D. We don’t have any ID. So now there is a whole process that has to go into place to be able to send that person out. It is not that simple. What Biden has done is literally a crime against the American people and not only a crime against the American people, but a crime against children that are being trafficked into this country and others and the drugs that are being trafficked into this country. Because not only are enemies taking advantage of this, but so are the drug cartels and the human traffickers. Todd, we are in a really terrible situation. I believe the lieutenant governor is right, but there has to be a real plan in place. Agree. It can’t just be talk.

TODD: [01:06:31] Sarah, we’re going to have to leave it there. Safe travels down to the border. And I know we’ll be watching your exclusive reports there on FOX. So we will leave it there.

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