Biden’s New Press Secretary is Black Lesbian Who Shares Bed With CNN Reporter

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President Biden has a new press secretary.  Karine Jean-Pierre.

Does it matter that Biden is choosing staffers based on race and gender?

She replaces Jen Psaki, who is reportedly in talks to host a show on MSNBC. 

Ms. Jean-Pierre is black. She identifies as a woman. And she’s a lesbian. Apparently just being well-qualified is not good enough in today’s woke society.

That news has the LGBTQIA crowd gushing with glee.

“For the first time in U.S. history, all of the top communications roles in the incoming presidential administration will be filled by women — two of whom are queer women of color. Karine Jean-Pierre has been announced as the principal deputy press secretary in the White House and Pili Tobar will be the deputy White House communications director,” GLAAD reported.

The White House PR machine is also abuzz about the first black lesbian White House press secretary. 

It’s unclear whether Ms. Jean-Pierre was hired primarily because of her race, gender, sexuality or her ability to spew propaganda. 

A fair question to ask seeing how President Biden selected a Supreme Court justice strictly because of her race and gender. 

Ms. Jean-Pierre has already stirred controversy over concerns about a conflict of interest. Turns out her female lover is none other than CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux. 

They literally share a bed together. 

However it’s really not that much of a scandal — seeing how just about everybody in the Biden Administration is in bed with somebody at CNN.

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