BLOWUP: Fox & Friends Hosts Explode on Air

“Fox & Friends” co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy blew up on air Thursday morning over President Biden’s alleged illegal activity.

Both Fox News hosts demanded the other “let me finish!” during a segment on Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

Doocy claimed Republicans “have not shown that Joe Biden profited personally or he had broken any rules” and they don’t “have the smoking gun yet.”


Kilmeade disagreed, saying there is a “raging fire!”

The following dialogue is via Mediate:

Kilmeade: No, no. Let me finish.

Doocy: Let me finish! I started.

Kilmeade: This is funneling right to him at a rapid pace. They have had this job for eight months.

Doocy: What’s funneling into him?

Kilmeade: Everything! Is Joe involved? Is Joe’s presence involved in every major business deal that Hunter was involved in? As Andy McCarthy said, Joe was the business. He had the access. Hunter didn’t. Hunter didn’t have the reputation. It’s leading right there.

Doocy: Brian, what laws did Joe Biden break?

Kilmeade: If the American people knew.

Doocy: Just answer the question. What law did he break?

Kilmeade: Number one, the investigation is not done.

Doocy: That’s my point! Brian. They need better investigators.

Kilmeade: Do not want to hear any reporting until it’s done?

When their colleague Ainsley Earhardt tried to calm them down it just continued.

Doocy: To my earlier point, the Republicans just need to present the evidence to the American people and say, look, they have got to say okay…

Kilmeade: Nineteen pages wasn’t enough yesterday?

Doocy: Brian, they’ve got to say we can prove Joe Biden broke the law by doing this. That’s all I’m saying…

Kilmeade: So you only want a concluding sentence? You don’t want to see the investigation?

Doocy: I’m watching the investigation!

Kilmeade: This investigation is the most damning leading to a culmination I have ever seen.

Doocy: I said it looks terrible. We just need proof so the American public.

Kilmeade: You said Republicans are doing a terrible job!

Doocy: I said they need better investors that can connect the dots.

Doocy ended the segment: “We disagree about this.”


Do Republicans have the smoking gun on Biden?

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