BREAKING: Fox News Journalist Benjamin Hall Injured Covering War in Ukraine

Fox News Channel correspondent Benjamin Hall was “gravely injured” outside of Kyiv covering Russia’s war on Ukraine, Fox CEO Suzanne Scott announced.

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Hall, Fox’s 39-year-old foreign affairs correspondent, was “newsgathering outside of Kyiv,” said “America Reports” co-anchor John Roberts.

“Please keep Ben and his family in your prayers,” Scott said in a statement to employees.

“A reminder that this is in a war zone, that information changes very quickly, and we are working as hard as possible to get the best information that we possibly can, and to get all of the details on what has happened. The safety of our Fox team is of the utmost importance and our highest priority,” Roberts added.

“We should all take a moment and pray for Benjamin, his family and his colleagues at Fox News Channel,” said national radio host Todd Starnes. 

Starnes spent nearly 15 years as a journalist and commentator at Fox News. 

“Fox News has always gone to great lengths to make sure their reporters are well protected in the field. They do an incredible job with security,” Starnes said. “That being said, it’s a war zone and it’s incredibly dangerous. We just have to pray for all of the journalists covering this violent war.”

Fox colleagues called for others to pray for Hall and his family on social media.

Last week American journalist Brent Renaud was killed in Ukraine while reporting in the suburb of Irpin for TIME Studios.

Renaud, 51, had worked for a number of news and media organizations including HBO, NBC, and The New York Times. 

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Are you concerned about the Russia-Ukraine war?

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