UPDATE: Twitter Service Restored After Global Outage

DEVELOPING STORY: Twitter has been knocked off line in the middle of a nasty legal battle between the social media giant’s board of directors and billionaire Elon Musk.

The outage appears to be global with millions of users in the United Kingdom being impacted. Millions also are reporting being locked out of their accounts in the United States.

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There’s no word from Twitter on what caused the massive outage or how long the page will be down. Users Thursday morning received the following message when they tried to log in: “This page is down.”

Twitter has sued Musk in an attempt to force him to complete his $44 billion takeover of the social media company by accusing him of “outlandish” and “bad faith” actions that have caused the platform irreparable harm and “wreaked havoc” on its stock price. 

There’s no word on whether the outage has anything to do with the lawsuit.