CNN Guest Says Climate Change Kills More People Every Year Than Holocaust

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CNN’s Brian Stelter discussed the effects of burning fossil fuels Sunday with two climate reporters, one claiming that climate change is “larger than the Holocaust.”  

New York Magazine editor David Wallace-Wells and science writer Emily Atkin joined the “Reliable Sources” host to offer how the news should cover climate change.  

Fox News reported the CNN host started the segment by stating journalists are running out of ways to stress the effects of climate change.  

“Meteorologists and reporters are running out of words,” Stetler explained. “They are running out of words to describe the impacts of climate change. ‘Unprecedented’ just doesn’t cut it anymore,” said Stelter.   

He asked the two guests how news should cover “the permanent emergency.”

“Today, best estimates suggest that air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels kills about 10 million people every year, which is dying at the scale of the Holocaust – in fact, larger than the Holocaust, every single year,” Wallace-Wells falsely claimed. “And yet, we don’t see many public health stories, we don’t see many moral crises stories addressed to that issue.”

He backed the erroneous claim from a Science Direct study, which has been debunked by energy experts, that suggested pollution from the fuels caused ten million excess deaths in 2021.